Sunday, June 23, 2013

Full Moon Message 6/23/13

Full Moon delivers-- remember the New Moon on 6/8/13 today is a chance to see how well you are doing in the Cosmic Classroom. Guilt, shame, anger, resentment, blame, emptiness and boredom are all symptoms that come from a neglected innate drive that we want to be whole and complete.

In order for a human to actualize the experience of wholeness we must "Transform" and this means exactly that "trans" (go through), "form" (the physical) and in order to do this we need a plan. It doesn't happen by itself. " The eight essential stages of Kriya Yoga are a complete holistic health management system that translate into a path of action, a path of knowledge, and a path of devotion. These lifestyle strategies are designed to initiate a process in physiological, psychological, and spiritual development that unfolds in three phases: pre-personal or unconscious awareness, personal or self-conscious awareness and transpersonal or super-conscious awareness. Total consciousness is the goal of Yoga."
Come to IPD and learn how to become an individual with a real purpose in life. Namaste!