Sunday, June 30, 2013

How to fix the world - fix yourself.

         Why is the world in such a state of unrest? Does it have to be like this or is there something that can be done to change it? People are unhealthy, unhappy and inundated with symptoms of guilt, shame, anger, resentment, blame, emptiness and boredom. We have government officials who are dishonest and indulgent. Virtue is useless and unnecessary in business, relationship, medicine, politics and law. Dante's Inferno is all around us. Unless you decide that you want to get out; it isn't going away.
          Liberation is talked about in all the scriptures and it isn't that hard--- if you follow the plan. The major problem is that most of the plans have become corrupt and don't contain all the necessary pieces to get you out of the insanity.  The secret to life is to "put God first", the challenge is to figure out what that means and what it is going to look like when you are actually doing it. In order to fix the problem-- Disconnection from Spirit;  we have to fix the institutions that are in charge of uniting individuals to the Source-- Religion and Yoga. You have to become an educated consumer and be able to distinguish shames and delusions' from sound truths. Get connected to the Life Force and become the change you want to see.  Namaste!

Sunday, June 23, 2013

Full Moon Message 6/23/13

Full Moon delivers-- remember the New Moon on 6/8/13 today is a chance to see how well you are doing in the Cosmic Classroom. Guilt, shame, anger, resentment, blame, emptiness and boredom are all symptoms that come from a neglected innate drive that we want to be whole and complete.

In order for a human to actualize the experience of wholeness we must "Transform" and this means exactly that "trans" (go through), "form" (the physical) and in order to do this we need a plan. It doesn't happen by itself. " The eight essential stages of Kriya Yoga are a complete holistic health management system that translate into a path of action, a path of knowledge, and a path of devotion. These lifestyle strategies are designed to initiate a process in physiological, psychological, and spiritual development that unfolds in three phases: pre-personal or unconscious awareness, personal or self-conscious awareness and transpersonal or super-conscious awareness. Total consciousness is the goal of Yoga."
Come to IPD and learn how to become an individual with a real purpose in life. Namaste!

Friday, June 21, 2013

Happy Summer Solstice

Happy Summer Solstice the Sun enters Cancer and it is the longest period of daylight in the year. A great day to focus on Self expression and go through all the departments of your life.  The Sun is the symbol for Spirit in the Heavens-- we rely on its energy for our existence however few of us feel the connection because our bodies are looking for "other" things that we esteem as important. The major difference between children of men and children of God is what we use to validate our existence. Come to IPD and get your conversion kit to go from powered by things to powered by no thing (Prana).  Experience the difference, Namaste!